Tailing dam

Tailings Teq Cluster Workshop 15 October 2020


We are excited to announce the format for the Tailings Teq Cluster Workshop, 10.30am on Thursday, 15 October 2020.

Along with a range of speakers presenting on new projects, we will also be asking attendees to provide expressions of interest on some priority opportunities with significant commercial potential.

The format for the workshop is as follows:

Presentation: CRC Time                                       

Briefing on project scoping underway and future engagement opportunities.

Assoc Professor Glen Corder

Presentation: Biochar Cluster Australia        

Biochar projects in the mining, agriculture and water industries

Mr Don Coyne (Executive Director)  

Presentation: Sustainable Solutions Global   

Repurposing tailings facilities using regenerative practices – case studies on two active projects.

Dr Geraldine Maguire – General Manager

Presentation: Cronimet                                        

New tungsten sorting technologies project for tailings deposits at Mount Carbine

(QLD METS Collaborative Projects Funding recipient)

Damien Lefevre – Project Manager

Workshop: Priority commercial projects review

Jon Lorraine will preview a list of priority project opportunities identified for cluster members to pursue. These are real commercial projects ready to progress now, utilising the collective capabilities of cluster participants. This will be an opportunity for cluster participants to provide feedback, insights and expressions of interest as strategies are developed to realise these opportunities.