Tailings TeQ Cluster Muster 22nd July 2020

Media Release News

Just in case you haven’t spotted this in your mailbox or accepted yet, we have a great line up of presenters. Looking forward to seeing you


10.00am – 10.15am Jon Loraine – Tailings TeQ Chair: Welcome & News

10.15am – 10.30am Sergio Zaccaria – Cluster Development Manager: Tailings TeQ and Cluster Network Updates

10.30am – 10.45am Presentation: EFIC – Adam Pearce

10.45am – 11.00am Presentation: Geotube – Mick I’Anson

11.00am – 11.05am Stretch Break

11.05am – 11.20am Presentation: 2Censor – Corey Vaughan

11.20am – 11.35am Presentation: TBC

11.35am – 12.00pm Feedback and wrap up.

CLOSE 12.00

If you would like attend and don’t have invite yet please drop me a line via the contact us page. Regards Sergio Zaccaria – Cluster Development Manager