Hydrogen for energy use is likely to become a large global industry and we have the opportunity to shape the hydrogen industry in Australia, starting with Queensland, via the new Hydrogen Industry Cluster, H2SEQ

Australia and Queensland are well placed to be major hubs of hydrogen production, use and export in the Asia-Pacific. South East Queensland is well positioned to be a significant knowledge hub for the global industry due to having technical and manufacturing expertise in heavy industry sectors and experience in successful commercialisation of commodities operations (e.g. MIM). Already there are many projects and initiatives that advance the hydrogen industry in-flight.

H2SEQ aims to maximise opportunities for hydrogen research, technology, services and knowledge providers to build world-class capability, which will result in high value regional jobs, revenue, investment and exports. Our philosophy is to ensure the sustainable development of the entire supply chain, starting with the activation of end user markets.

We are in the process of establishing the Cluster, and keen to work with
industry on the what and how. We would like you and your organisation
to be involved in Working Groups and contribute to this network in other
capacities. In return for your time and willingness to contribute, you will:
• Identify new commercial opportunities
• Gain valuable market insights and intelligence
• Learn about the latest opportunities, research, projects, products and
services being delivered in your field

Water reclamation and reuse in hydrogen

Hydrogen production requires two main inputs, water and power. To produce green hydrogen you would utilise onsite and/or grid-sourced renewable power and water. Renewable hydrogen can then be converted into green ammonia. Ammonia has number of advantages for the transportation and storage of a hydrogen based fuel source.

Once developed to commercial scale ammonia can be targeted at the domestic and export markets and open up opportunities to retain and expand Australia’s energy intensive industries such as aluminum production, mineral processing, steel making and our heavy industries.

With vast parts of Queensland and Australia having the highest solar energy density in the world, renewable power solutions as feed-stock for ammonia production are a viable alternative to fossil fuels as well as being carbon free.

The challenge for Australia will be sufficient water supply as the areas of maximum solar radiation are not well aligned to our current water resources.

Social license will also play a part in the progress of a green ammonia/hydrogen industry, options for the supply of water range from desalination to water reclamation and reuse. By utilising reclaimed water and non-potable water from industry and sanitation a sustainable industry can be built. The Resources Industry Cluster has significant capabilities in novel water reclamation and reuse technologies and is well placed to contribute to this emerging industry.