Our Goal

Our long term goal is to create industry-led, self-sustaining clusters that generate valuable business opportunities for members and position the cluster as the best source of collaborative innovation for the resources sector.


The Resources Cluster Initiative focuses on bringing together motivated companies to learn about each other’s capabilities, and to identify new commercial opportunities in a collaborative network. Over 200 organisations are currently supporting the cluster. It has been a key element in the partnership between METS Ignited and the Queensland Government.

Established as a pilot initiative, the  Resources Cluster Initiative helps develop a better understanding of how to establish sustainable clusters in the Australian Resources sector. Participants in the program are exposed to commercial and technical opportunities and encouraged to realise these through collaboration with other parties. The program’s focus is to foster discussion and support these collaborators to develop and deliver new products, services and solutions for domestic and international customers. These commercial successes can then be utilised by other stakeholders, such as the Government, to promote Queensland as the cluster hub for world leading capabilities.

Resources Industry Cluster companies

With guidance from industry professionals, in 2018 three priorities for cluster development were established; Digital Data & Analytics, Robotics & Automation and Tailings & Mine Affected Water. These groups have been able to identify customer and industry challenges and work on ways to address them collectively. More groups are being identified based on the substantial world leading expertise in the region. With industry leaders supporting and guiding these cluster groups, in less than 12 months they managed to attract a wide array of METS expertise. These include innovative METS SMEs, engineering firms, researchers and end-users. The goal for each cluster group is to amplify commercial success within the global market.